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Naxos 84300, Cyclades - Greece
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Naxos Info

In Naxos there are numerous findings that represent all periods of the Cycladic civilization (4000-1100 BC). Typical examples of them are kept in the Museum of Naxos Town, the island’s capital. There, one can see many findings from the Geometric, Archaic and Classical period (1100-330 BC) when Naxos had an important civilization. At the same period and more specifically in the 5th BC, belongs the gate-symbol of Naxos, Portara. It is the small island of Palatia with an incomplete gate temple of Apollo.

Many sites from the Byzantine Empire and the Greek Medieval Age are spread all over the island. Some of these findings are in the Byzantine Museum in Chora.

In 1207 the Venetian Marco Sanoudo conquered the island and founded the Doucat of Naxos and later on the one of Archipelago, which lasted for three centuries. Many monuments of tha era, such as the Castle in Chora with the Catholic Church, mansions with crests and several towers, reminisce of that period.

In Naxos Chora you will also see the Venetian Castle. Only one of the seven towers built in 1207 by Marco Sanudo is saved until our days. Other castles have now given their place to the nobles’ houses and Catholic monasteries, with mostly known of them the Ursuline School.

The unique location of Panorama Hotel allows visitors to be in a walking distance from major attractions of the town like the castle with the Archaeological museum, the Byzantine museum, the Commercial School and the Ursuline School, the Catholic church, as and many mansions from the Medieval times. Within a walking distance is the Orthodox Cathedral and the Archaeological Museum. Next to the hotel is the local market with the winding streets, full of traditional taverns, cafes and shops. Every afternoon, visitors can experience live music in the nearby Venetian Museum( http://www.naxosfestival.com) People of the hotel, warm and hospitable, offer guests information about the town, the island, attractions, beaches and many activities such as touring around the rivers, the waterfalls and the picturesque villages.